Ambrosial Tree was inspired by numerous people but mainly by my little monkeys, my wonderful sister-in-law and a very close and dear friend.  I have been purchasing natural and organic products for many years but some of those natural products still had ingredients that were on my ‘no-no’ list.  With all the toxic and chemical products out there I set out to make skincare products that were natural, had minimal ingredients and were made from natural and/or organic ingredients.  Shortly after opening Ambrosial Tree I changed the way my products were made…I started creating vegan products and making sure that I only purchased ingredients that were verified vegan+cruelty free.  Vegan+cruelty free are extremely important to me!

What started out as homemade Christmas gifts has turned into something more than I ever expected.  Once those Christmas gifts were finished I was asked to make more and then I was asked if I could make this or that and if I would make them as a gift for someone.  All these new suggestions were challenging and exciting and I was ecstatic!  I love looking up and researching new recipes and creating them… or ‘doing experiments’ as my husband lovingly refers to them as.  With the encouragement of those close to me (especially my encouraging mother) I have created so many wonderful products that I never thought would be possible.

With so many people taking their health and wellness into their own hands they are looking for healthier alternatives to toxic and chemical filled products, and really who wants to put those things on their bodies let alone on their children.  The largest organ of the body is your skin which absorbs those toxins and chemicals.  Ambrosial Tree’s mission is to create handcrafted vegan+cruelty free skincare at an affordable price – our products contain only vegan+cruelty free ingredients, no chemicals and ingredients that you can actually pronounce and not to mention they are made locally in small patches with lots of love!

So you might be wondering if I am a vegan…the answer is a YES…I most definitely am a vegan!!

You may be wondering why that business name and that logo…well it was a team effort and here is the story: a tree themed logo was a must due to my love of trees.  We went through a bunch of names and then my oldest daughter came up with Fragrant Tree (I use fragrance of some sort in almost all of my products) which we liked and thought was almost perfect so my husband looked up synonyms for fragrant and ambrosial was on the list which we knew that had to be the name.  The logo was created by my husband which is perfect since my products are natural and created by a woman intended mainly for woman although we have expanded to create products for men as well!!

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Thank you for visiting my website and thank you to everyone who has encouraged and supported me thus far… I couldn’t be happier to have you here by my side.


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  1. I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the natural vegan and cruelty free products offered at Ambrosial Tree.
    Using chemical free products is so uplifting and everything I have used so far has exceeded all my expectations. I have tried several other ‘natural’ products and must say none compare to the quality that Krista offers at Ambrosial Tree. The online shopping is so user friendly with a prompt reply and my products are ready in no time… I wish I had started on this chemical free journey years ago, but I feel it is never to late. Thank you Krista for your hard work and offering such amazing products…. So worth the drive from Oakville to get the best !!!!

  2. Message from a customer:

    Not going to lie – when I saw the bronzer and blush had shimmer I was like oh crap! Because I usually stay away from shimmer. But it was so subtle and my face looked professionally done with the bronzer, blush and powder on top of my foundation. Good job!!

  3. I absolutely love every product from Ambrosial Tree I’ve tried so far. The soaps and scrubs are fragrant but not overpowering and truly make my (and my kid’s)‎ skin feel soft and silky. My favourite so far is still the whipped body butter.

    I can’t wait to try some of the new creations and add them to my favourites list‎. And since shipping is not a problem I have a feeling my list is going to be very long.

    Thanks Ambrosial Tree and congrats on your website.

  4. I just want to say, congratulations with the launch of Ambrosial Tree. I have been using these products for over 6 months. I truly love the products that I’ve purchased from Ambrosial Tree. The products are affordable and make with TLC. I wish you all the best with your growing business…Susan

  5. From a Customer:

    Congratulations on the magnificent accomplishment of your business and website! Stand proud of you. All your hard work, time, dedication and scientific research has paid off. As an avid user of your products from day one, I have no words enough to express my complete satisfaction. Having undergone a traumatic time with allergic reactions to my eyes for over a year, with your help and transition into using your all natural products, I was able to overcome my allergic and chronic allergy symptoms. You worked so hard and diligently with me over the course of several months, changing all my products over to your natural source. The results were instant success and healing. Thank you, I have so much to be grateful for. Your products surpass all expectations. The professionalism and dedication have produced products that we can safely use without any adverse reactions, at a most affordable cost, when compared to competitor products. I thank you for allowing me to be part of this spectacular business venture in the experimentation of several of your products. I have great pride and admiration for you, your husband, and children. Your eagerness and energy along with these outstanding products, guarantee a promising and most successful business. Congratulations!. The name chosen couldn’t be more suitable. Wishing you continued success and growth to your wonderful business.


  6. I have been very impressed with the products I have purchased! The presentation of each handcrafted item is beautiful, with all product ingredients clearly listed. My son has extremely senstive skin and I have had no issues with any of the products we have used on his skin. I will continue to try out and promote these products to anyone. High quality safe products at a very reasonable price.

    Congratulations on the launch of the new website.


  7. I have used a number of Ambrosial Tree products and have been pleased with all, they are decadent, effective and affordable. The custom made products are prepared in a timely manner and any feedback I am willing to provide is always received with genuine care and interest.

    Congratulations Ambrosial Tree on the launch of your new website (looks great). I wish you all the best moving your business forward and know I will be a long term customer throughout that process.


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